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Fiqh-ul-Hadith Foundation is working on Islamic research and broadcasting of Quran-o-Sunnah. Fiqhulhadith Publications is a subsidiary organization of Fiq-ul-Hadith Foundation for publishing Islamic Literature. In this context, this organization has successfully published many Islamic books such as Fiq-ul-Hadith, Silsila-Fiqh-ul-Hadith and Fiqh-ul-Islam etc.
Now the organization is introducing some of its popular books such as Fiqhulhadith and The Book of Faith e.t.c. on the internet, because these books cover issues from all aspects of human life.
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Note: These books are currently available in Urdu translation; with the might of Allah these will be available in English soon with your prayers and support.

Solutions for Modern Issues

With the passage of time humanity is facing new issues such as use of credit cards, online banking, Television, Cameras and many other new invented things. These modern issues need clarification in the light of Quran-o-Sunnah. To fulfill this need of humanity, Fiqhulhadith Foundation is conducting an open research to address these issues.
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