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Fiq-ul-Hadith Foundation (with the might of Allah) uses your heartily donations for the following purposes;

  • For publication of Quran-o-Sunnah literature with every mean possible.

  • For promoting the principles and teachings of Islamic scholars.

  • For unfolding of conspiracies acted upon by the non-believers and giving them prompt/solid response.

  • For curtailing off non Islamic practices and believes from the Islamic society.

  • For presenting sharia solution for the problems faced by the people in their daily lives.

  • For translation and publication of Quran, Hadith (saying of Prophet "P.B.U.H"), and other Islamic literature in various languages.

  • For providing necessary stuff to Learning Center and Library, operating under the authority of this organization.

  • For the advertisement and betterment of this website.


Your donation will not only be a safe haven for you on the judgment day but it will also be a cause of joy and happiness in your life, and this non-beneficial donation will continue its rewards after life as well (with the might of Allah). One thing to note here is this that in addition to monetary help one can help with their knowledge and technical skills which can be helpful in achieving the purposes defined above.


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